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Development Course And Structure Improvement Of Hydraulic Gyratory Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-13 14:01:19

With the development of the machinery industry and the continuous prosperity of all kinds of infrastructure, the crusher equipment is more and more full of our work and life, more and more applied, more and more valued development, all kinds of crusher and sand machine equipment emerge in endlessly. Many people, even industry people, are unfamiliar with the relatively new crusher equipment. Gyratory crusher, a commonly used crusher type, is commonly used in sand making and crushing process. So, what do you know about the gyratory crusher. What is the hydraulic gyratory crusher and what are its performance advantages? Here we will introduce it by professionals:

The professional production personnel of hydraulic crusher pointed out that, in fact, for many types of crushers, according to different forms of performance characteristics, according to different applications, the right type can be selected. Next, for the gyratory crusher, we have a comprehensive understanding: the gyratory crusher consists of two truncated cone rings placed in opposite directions on the table, which form the crushing chamber (the top of the inner cone is upward, the top of the outer cone is downward), and the gyratory shaking motion made by the inner cone (the moving cone) around the center line of the outer cone (the fixed cone) successfully completes the crushing work. This kind of crusher is suitable for coarse crushing of various hardness materials, and the crushing ratio ranges from four to seven. At the same time, it should be specially pointed out that the machine of hydraulic gyratory crusher is relatively large, so it is often used in large mines and large-scale crushed stones

The Qianlietai gyratory crusher was built in 1878 according to the American B. Charles. Its working principle is that when it works, the materials entering the annular space between the moving cone and the fixed cone are broken by impact, kneading and tortuosity. The crushed material is discharged from the bottom of the crusher by white weight. The specification of the gyratory crusher is indicated by the width of the feeding opening / discharging opening (RAM) of the crusher. The very large feed specification of the gyratory crusher is 85% of the feed port. Most of them adopt bottom discharging structure. There are two types of gyratory crushers widely used in industrial production: common type and hydraulic type. The overload maintenance of ordinary gyratory crusher is completed by the safety device installed on the driving pulley, but its function is not good. In the 1960s, the hydraulic cycle crusher created by the United States relied on the hydraulic system to complete the overload maintenance of the crusher. When the crusher is overloaded, the hydraulic system can automatically reduce the moving cone, discharge the hard materials in the crushing chamber, and then automatically reset. Another function of the hydraulic system is to regulate the discharge port in a small range when the machine is working, so as to facilitate the change of the discharge port formed by the wear of the cone liner plate.

What is hydraulic gyratory crusher and what are its performance advantages? I believe that you have a comprehensive understanding of the above introduction of hydraulic cycle crusher. As a rough crusher equipment, it is widely used and has its own advantages. In fact, each crusher has its own advantages and characteristics. As long as we make a reasonable distinction and use it correctly, it will bring us unexpected results.


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