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Details To Be Noticed In The Production Of Jaw Crusher In Chongqing Mine

Last Update:2020-05-10 12:53:37

At present, all kinds of infrastructure construction and production in the country are in tight progress, which is an ideal opportunity for the fixed jaw crusher. The main purpose of crushing equipment is to crush rocks and ores with certain hardness, and crush them for production demand. In the process of equipment operation, if Chongqing jawbone's operation method is wrong or the maintenance is not in place, it may lead to low efficiency of the production line. Now let's invite the manufacturer of jaw crusher to explain some matters needing attention in equipment production in detail.

When working in Chongqing jaw crusher, it is necessary to install iron removal equipment for the equipment first. In many production, once some non broken materials are transferred into the crushing chamber, it will bring fatal damage to the equipment, and then lead to the production line shutdown. Therefore, in order to avoid these failures, it is necessary to install iron removal equipment. The manufacturer of the jaw crusher in the mine said that before the production of the equipment, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive inspection of the equipment, remove the residues in the crushing chamber, and ensure the effective operation of the production line of the fixed jaw crusher.

Once the hardness of the broken material is very large, it will bring great damage to the fixed jaw crusher. Moreover, if the moisture content of the material is large, it will also adhere to the inside of the equipment in the production, resulting in the blockage of the transmission pipeline. Once encountering these situations, it is necessary to shut down the machine in time for inspection. It is necessary to ensure that the materials are removed after the equipment is shut down. It is not allowed to forcibly remove the materials when Chongqing jaw crusher is running, so as to avoid the failure of the jaw crusher in the mine, or even personal safety accidents.

If the treated material block is relatively large, effective protection work should be paid attention to during the production of Chongqing jaw crusher, so as to prevent the material from being squeezed out in the crushing space, causing casualties. Once the fixed jaw crusher runs for a long time, it will bring different degrees of damage to the vulnerable parts of the equipment. At this time, what needs to be done is to adjust the discharge port of the mining jaw crusher in time, and replace the seriously worn parts mechanically, so as to maintain the effective operation of the production line.

The fixed jaw crusher manufacturer said that before and after the operation of the crusher, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the crushing chamber and timely clean up the remaining materials. After a period of operation, the jaw crusher should check whether the lubricating oil is sufficient, add lubricating oil in time, and keep the equipment in an ideal lubricating state. In addition, we should pay attention to the regular and regular maintenance of Chongqing jaw crusher, timely troubleshooting and clearing in case of any fault, so as to ensure the stable operation of all equipment.


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