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Detailed Explanation Of Maintenance And Operation Procedures For Common Faults Of Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-09 08:22:38

In recent years, with the rapid development of mechanical equipment, crusher is an excellent example. Now many production fields, such as metallurgy, coal, mining, power, etc., have applications. It has been widely used, and the machine will naturally have problems after a long time of use. Even according to the crusher operation regulations, it is difficult to avoid the common faults of the crusher. Next let's find out how to avoid these failures?

In the front row, the more likely fault in the crusher operation regulations is that the crusher belt turns over. The crusher maintenance master tells us: when the crusher belt turns over, we should pay attention to whether the quality of the V-belt itself is up to standard. If the V-belt is damaged, it must be replaced in time; if it is due to the operator during the V-belt transmission process If the fault is caused by improper operation, it is necessary to suspend the operation and adjust the triangle belt to the correct position.

Second, too large discharge is a common phenomenon in the common faults of crusher. In fact, many times do not know whether the crusher operating procedures are reasonable, whether there is a problem with the crusher, you can observe through discharging. Generally speaking, the discharge particle ratio of the crusher is too large, which means that the crusher is in failure. It can be considered that the failure of the crusher's vertical head, or the gap between the vertical head and the crusher is too large, which will also cause these problems. It is necessary to timely check and repair the crusher.

Third, one of the common faults of crusher is bearing overheating. Because the power of the crusher is generally very large, so the operating procedures of the crusher also clearly stated that the bearing should not be overheated. If the bearing of the crusher is overheated in the production line, it is likely that the bearing is too dry. At this time, grease needs to be added. If the bearing temperature is too high after the test, it may be that the bearing is not cleaned in place and cleaned in time. If not, the crusher shall be repaired to avoid affecting the normal operation.

There are many common faults of crusher, many of which don't know why, let alone how to repair. If you want to avoid the situation of no door to repair, the more convenient and quick way is to choose a crusher manufacturer with good reputation and strong strength, and the good manufacturer has done a good job in pre-sale and post-sale services. The quality problems can be returned, replaced, free warranty and other services.


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