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Desulfurization Mill

Last Update:2020-05-07 06:33:55

Desulfurization mill, limestone desulfurization mill. Power plant desulfurization technology is mainly used after coal combustion, and the energy consumption structure dominated by coal is the more important reason for sulfur dioxide pollution in China. Coal fired power station is the main body of coal consumption, and its sulfur dioxide emission is close to 50% of the total emission of the whole society. This characteristic determines that the control of sulfur dioxide emission from coal combustion is the key point of sulfur dioxide pollution control in China, and the control of sulfur dioxide emission from thermal power plants is the main breakthrough to control sulfur dioxide pollution from coal combustion. Therefore, clean coal technology based on desulfurization should also be put into operation. The development of clean energy production technology such as desulfurization has become the only way for today's energy industry and the sustainable development of the whole economy. We should put the protection of ecological environment in a more prominent position. We should protect the ecological environment as we protect our eyes. We should treat the ecological environment as we treat our lives. In terms of the protection of ecological environment, we must calculate the big account, the long-term account, the overall account and the comprehensive account. We should not lose the big because of the small, lose the other because of the small, live beyond our means, and strive for quick success and instant success.

Limestone desulfurization. There are many kinds of desulfurization processes in power plant, among which limestone gypsum method (wet FGD) is widely used. The process features of Limestone Desulfurization Technology: limestone gypsum method can be widely used for commercial development, and its absorbent resources are rich, the cost is low, and the waste residue can be used as commercial gypsum recovery. Because the absorbent slurry in the absorption tower circulates repeatedly with the flue gas through the circulation pump, the utilization rate of the absorbent is very high, the calcium sulfur ratio is low, and the desulfurization efficiency can be greater than 95%.

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