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Design Drawing Of Jaw Crusher And Related Maintenance Skills

Last Update:2020-05-07 03:58:14

Just because the development of mineral industry is faster and faster now, so the development of a machine like jaw crusher is also faster. In the process of using, you will encounter some problems at least. When there are problems, you don't know how to solve them. Therefore, from the beginning of jaw crusher design, I'd like to give you a brief introduction The introduction can be useful for you and help you to better solve the relevant problems.

First of all, you may encounter such a situation in production and life, that is, the temperature of the machine is too high, and many people are relatively nervous when facing the situation of the jaw crusher. Because the temperature of the machine is too high, it will not only reduce the working efficiency of the machine, but also keep the service life of the machine shorter and shorter. In the face of such a situation, how should we solve it? First of all, the original intention of the jaw crusher design is that the capacity of the bearing is limited, so we suggest that you first check whether the raw materials you put are too much Many, because if there are too many raw materials, the machine will not be able to bear so many things. Then it will naturally cause the temperature of the machine to be too high.

Secondly, if you don't put many raw materials, but its temperature is still growing slowly, then you should check the condition of the air passage at this time. With the drawing of jaw crusher, we can know that at this time, it must be because there are too many things in the air passage, which leads to the condition that the air inside the machine is not circulating. Therefore, the solution to this problem is relatively simple. There is no need to worry about it at all. We must treat problems calmly.

Of course, we will encounter a lot of noise in the process of production. If you want to know that your machine is noisy, it will bring a certain amount of trouble to the production and make the staff feel particularly uncomfortable. So how to solve such a noisy situation? What kind of situation is it? The pattern of jaw crusher can lead us to find the direction. First of all, you can see if you put too little material, because if the material ratio is less, the engine can not run well, so it will cause this Question. What's more, you can also check the blade, because if the blade is particularly worn, it will greatly affect the operation of the machine. Have you learned the related skills of jaw crusher maintenance shared here?


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