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Description Of Parameters Such As Weight And Power Of Jaw Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-05 21:09:52

Many customers will check the manual of jaw crusher before buying it, but the actual Manual of jaw crusher can not help us to solve the problems of the installation, use and crushing method of jaw crusher. In order to install the jaw crusher, the first thing we need to know is the weight of jaw crusher, the load-bearing and skills of installation, etc. if we want to play a very large role in jaw crusher, we should reasonably grasp the power of jaw crusher and its use method.

Crushing refers to the process of crushing large particles into small particles by external force. The crusher is the equipment that can complete the material crushing. The power, crushing ratio and weight of jaw crusher are the main basic conditions for whether the crusher is a large-scale equipment. The weight of different jaw crushers will vary with different crushing methods.

The materials to be broken shall be selected according to the instructions of jaw crusher, and then they shall be extruded in all directions in the crushing chamber of crusher, and the blocks shall impact each other or impact on the lining plate, resulting in the rapid transfer of blocks; the instructions of jaw crusher make it clear that the control of material layer needs a certain degree of compactness, from the inlet to the outlet of crushing chamber, the crushing amount of materials is constantly Increasing, so if you want to improve the power from the manual of jaw crusher, you can choose to change the direction of the material, so that the particle size of the material is larger, resulting in shear and bending stress of the material, which is the forced inner layer vibration crushing method. In the large crusher, due to the large amount of materials, a certain degree of compactness meets the condition of gradually increasing the crushing force, thus realizing selective crushing to a large extent.

In the optimization of jaw crusher power, the main purpose is to improve the crushing chamber into a curved high-depth structure, so that the material in the crushing chamber can be subject to a certain degree of laminated crushing force, the material is more fully broken, the crushing efficiency is higher, and the particle size of the finished product is more uniform. The engagement angle of jaw plate needs to be changed with the power of jaw crusher, and the inner wall of crushing chamber and moving jaw form a balance working area with an effective length of 30-60mm, which makes the material subject to a certain parallel force at the discharge port, improves the compulsion of material discharge, accelerates the discharge of finished products, and eliminates the blockage of material at the discharge port.


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