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Deep Cavity Rotor Technology Makes Bamako Shaft Impact Crusher Successfully Increase Production By 30

Last Update:2020-05-10 17:37:27

Bamakelli shaft impact crusher is a kind of advanced technology based on the traditional sand making machine and absorbing the international famous bamakel company. It is a new type of crusher with high efficiency and low consumption, which ingeniously combines the principle of stone beating and stone beating and has international advanced level, and plays an irreplaceable role in various kinds of ore fine crushing equipment. The machine integrates the functions of crushing, sand making and shaping, and is suitable for the crushing and shaping of soft or medium hard and extremely hard materials, especially for the production of abrasives, refractories, cement, quartz sand, steel sand, slag powder, copper ore, iron ore, gold ore, concrete aggregate, asphalt aggregate, etc. Compared with other types of crushers, it can save 50% energy compared with the traditional sand making machine. It is an advanced sand making equipment in the world at present.

How to achieve this efficient operation? This is inseparable from the excellent performance of bamak crusher itself. Especially in recent years, Shanghai Shibang company has adopted deep cavity rotor technology on the basis of its sand making machine, which has improved the crushing performance of the equipment. Pew series crusher of Shibang is designed with deep "V" crushing chamber and tooth shaped guard plate, which can effectively increase the crushing area, avoid material blocking in the crushing chamber, and greatly increase the crushing rate and output. As the "heart" of the crusher, Shibang deep cavity rotor design also has a similar concept. The deep crushing chamber makes the crusher have more space and larger material throughput, which can increase the output by 30% ideally, thus reducing the energy consumption and prolonging the service life of the wearing parts, but still keeping the product classification.

The bamak series vertical shaft crusher of Shanghai Shibang company adopts the three-dimensional internal structure, and adopts the feeding method of the combination of impeller center feeding and overflow feeding in the feeding process, which improves the energy utilization rate. Stone and stone in the crushing chamber of their own high-speed impact crushing, and in the crushing chamber of natural accumulation to form a protective layer, to avoid the wear of the surrounding guard board. Thus, the user's use cost is greatly reduced and the user's economic benefit is significantly improved.

With a series of advanced technologies, bamak crusher has a series of advantages, such as convenient installation, simple operation, stable operation, low noise, small abrasion of the fuselage, durability, good shape of discharge particles, no needle and flake particles, no dust, low pollution, etc. Therefore, with the rapid development of the mining industry in recent years, all kinds of crushing equipment are constantly optimized and upgraded. The appearance of deep cavity rotor technology brings great opportunity to the development of crushing industry.


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