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Daily Maintenance Inspection And Precautions Of Jc Series Jaw Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-06 17:26:13

Jaw crusher is a kind of crushing equipment which is widely used in production. In modern production, in order to ensure the normal operation of JC series jaw crusher, in addition to operating in strict accordance with production requirements, it is also necessary to do a good job in basic maintenance of the equipment, including minor repair, medium repair and overhaul of the equipment. Now let's follow the relevant people to understand the precautions for daily maintenance and inspection of jc1350 jaw crusher.

Minor repair is often carried out during the operation of the equipment. The general contents include inspection and adjustment of the device and timely maintenance; adjustment of the gap at the discharge port of JC series jaw crusher, and timely maintenance or replacement of vulnerable parts with serious wear. In addition, the transmission part and lubricating system of the equipment shall be checked in time, and the lubricating oil shall be replaced in time in case of failure or insufficient oil. Generally speaking, the minor repair time of JC jaw crusher is about 3 months.

The intermediate repair of jc1350 jaw crusher is generally carried out on the basis of minor repair, generally including the inspection and replacement of thrust plate and lining plate, and the intermediate repair is generally carried out once a year or two. The overhaul of JC series jaw crusher needs to carry out a comprehensive inspection and replacement of the equipment, including some main parts and core components, such as turning eccentric shaft and jaw spindle, etc. the overhaul cycle of JC jaw crusher is generally maintained at about five years.

In addition to the safety production according to the operation requirements, the maintenance of JC series jaw crusher should be done well. Generally, the production of materials can only be carried out after the normal operation of the crusher; after the materials are ready, they shall be transported evenly to the crusher chamber of jc1350 jaw crusher, and at the same time, it shall be ensured that the side feeding is not allowed when the materials are added, so as to prevent the abrasion or inclination of the equipment caused by excessive load on one side.

JC series jaw crusher is widely used in crushing equipment, which is widely used in many fields of production and plays an irreplaceable role. In the process of production, all operators should do a good job in the correct operation of JC jaw crusher, and pay attention to the daily maintenance. In case of any fault, it is necessary to check and remove it in time, so as to ensure the efficient operation of the equipment and the ideal production efficiency.


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