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Daily Maintenance And Operation Skills Of Large Toothed Roller Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-14 11:29:26

In recent 10 years, great progress has been made in China's crushing technology, and new crushing methods and equipment are emerging. With the advantages of simple manufacture, convenient maintenance, low energy consumption, low cost, high crushing capacity and durability, large toothed roller crusher for coal has become the leader of coal crusher in terms of product structure, technical performance and industrial application.

Although the new crushing equipment has made effective progress in product reliability, product wear resistance, reduction of overload crushing amount and strict control of particle size after crushing, the daily use and maintenance of the product is also very important, which not only relates to the performance of the equipment and the production capacity of the whole production line, but also determines the depreciation and service life of the equipment. As an experienced crusher in the industry, Shanghai Shibang has collected many years of customer feedback and industry exploration, and summarized some daily maintenance and use skills of toothed roller crusher.

First of all, during the installation process, the equipment can be directly installed on the concrete foundation or metal frame. Special attention shall be paid to ensure that the installation platform is flat, because the uneven foundation surface will cause the base of the crusher to twist and deform, resulting in the deterioration of the working conditions of the gears in the main and auxiliary transmission gearbox. Therefore, after the crusher is installed, the levelness of the base bottom surface shall be checked, and the allowable error shall not be greater than 2mm. Secondly, try to keep the following in the use and maintenance process:


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