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Crusher Professional Manufacturers Explain The Problems To Be Noted In Production

Last Update:2020-05-07 20:53:55

Because the high efficiency and production capacity of the crusher are liked by many users, and the development of the crusher is also improving step by step, but no matter how long the equipment is used, there will be problems and failures if it is used too much, how can we quickly master the professional operation of the crusher? How to effectively avoid the equipment failure caused by operation error? Next let the crusher professional manufacturers explain what needs to be paid attention to in the use of crusher products.

First of all, it is a relatively simple preparation, that is, starting up. Although it is simple to start the machine, how to start it can reduce energy consumption and equipment loss is really a knowledge. The manufacturer of the crusher points out that before the crusher is started, it is necessary to do some preparatory work - equipment inspection. Before using the crusher for production, the equipment shall be completely inspected, including the connection of equipment parts and vulnerable objects. If any damage or fault is found on the parts, it must be repaired in time, and the equipment can be formally started for use only after the maintenance. Start up inspection should be carried out as routine inspection. Simple inspection can ensure the smooth production. Why not!

In fact, it is to install the iron removal device. In order to avoid the mixture of iron containing substances in the materials, which will cause damage to the equipment and affect the quality of the finished products, the iron removal device will be installed in the crushing equipment produced by most professional crusher manufacturers, which can effectively prevent serious operation and directly threaten the safety of the operators and the fundamental interests of the enterprise. Therefore, the crusher manufacturer reminds the user that before use, it is necessary to check whether the iron removal device of the equipment is in good condition and to ensure safety before operation.

In addition, the crusher experts put forward that the crushers of different models, different classifications and different crusher manufacturers have different requirements for materials and discharge. When purchasing, we should select the crushers that meet the requirements of the hardness, humidity and viscosity of the materials required by the enterprise itself. If the hardness is too large in the operation process, it may cause great damage to the equipment Injury. If the humidity and viscosity of the material are too large, it may cause equipment blockage. Therefore, attention must be paid to the treatment of the material, and the feeding should be uniform, with a small amount of multiple feeds.

The professional crusher manufacturer pointed out that: no matter in the selection of crusher, or in the operation of crusher, the maintenance of crusher needs to work hard. If you want to buy good crusher products, you can choose the products of crusher manufacturer. If the operation of crusher is smooth and the production efficiency is high, you should follow the operation regulations of crusher manufacturer, and pay attention to the daily maintenance of crusher Support work.


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