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Crusher Manufacturers In Power Plant Explain The General Knowledge Of Equipment Maintenance

Last Update:2020-05-07 09:03:17

At present, the use of crusher is very wide in all kinds of production in our country, and the types of crusher are also various, so it is necessary to make a reasonable choice in the specific operation. As a common kind of crushing equipment, crusher is widely used in various production of power plant. During specific operation, all operators need to know about equipment maintenance and knowledge, and do a good job in daily maintenance, so as to ensure the efficient operation of crusher in power plant.

The power plant crusher manufacturer said that when the operator receives the start-up instruction, he / she should not start immediately. First, he / she should see if there are people around the equipment, and if so, he / she should evacuate in time to keep it away from the equipment, so as to ensure the safety of starting the power plant crusher. Operators need professional training before start-up, and can only get on the train for operation after obtaining relevant start-up qualification, so as to prevent all kinds of dangerous situations due to unskilled technology.

For the power plant crusher, its internal belt pulley and other belts need to have special safety cover, so as to ensure the personal safety of operators when the equipment is working. When the equipment is in operation, it is not allowed to put some hard and unbreakable materials into the crushing chamber, which may cause damage to the crusher of the power plant or the occurrence of safety accidents, and the consequences will be very serious.

In addition, the relevant personnel of the power plant crusher manufacturer told us that when the equipment is running, it is not allowed to take the ore block or other objects in the crushing chamber directly by hand to prevent safety injury. Once the crusher in the power plant is blocked during operation, the operator needs to stop the crusher immediately, get off the crusher for relevant inspection and repair in time. After confirming the safety, the equipment can be started again for operation.

The above power plant crusher manufacturers have introduced the general knowledge of equipment maintenance in detail for us. I believe that you have a deeper understanding of this kind of equipment. It is hoped that all operators should pay attention to the operation and maintenance of the equipment, do a good job of supervision and maintenance during the operation of the crusher in the power plant, timely check if any fault is found, and take effective solutions, so as to ensure the efficient and smooth operation of the equipment.


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