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Crusher Manufacturer Teaches You How To Dismantle The Crusher Equipment Correctly

Last Update:2020-05-03 14:31:37

The stone crusher has been widely used in various production lines. It may be necessary to dismantle and repair the stone crusher equipment during the use of the stone crusher production line. Do not think that the installation of the stone crusher equipment needs attention. In fact, disassembly is more a knowledge. Poor disassembly may damage the integrity of the equipment. Next, the stone crusher manufacturer will teach you how to dismantle the stone correctly The correct procedure for the machine.

In so many parts of the crusher equipment, there are several important parts, such as thrust plate. The thrust plate is delicate, and it is also the safety device of the production line of the lithotripter. In the case of poor working environment, the thrust plate will transfer force between the engine and the moving jaw as a bar. Although the structure is simple, the maintenance and repair are not easy, and it needs to be disassembled for maintenance, but the disassembly is not correct, and the small operation may become a large operation, or even declare death. How to disassemble it?

First of all, the disassembly of the thrust plate needs to see the brand and function of the lithotripter equipment. Assuming that the manufacturer of the lithotripter has designed the thrust plate to be a connecting rod type integral equipment, the bolts of the baffle plate should be screwed out first during the disassembly, so as to make the oil pipe smooth and clean through the bottom flow. Next, use the lifting device to lift the crusher, loosen the spring at one end of the horizontal rod, so that the moving jaw of the equipment moves to the fixed jaw direction, and finally the lower thrust plate can be removed. In this case, the connecting rod, the front thrust plate and the movable jaw will be pulled apart together, which can remove the thrust plate smoothly, completely and safely.

Secondly, after removing the reasoning version completely, the thin oil lubricating oil pipe and cooling water pipe should be cut off in time. Using the bracket to support the lower part of the connecting rod can easily remove the connecting rod cap and take out the connecting rod. Some gravel machine manufacturers in order to easily take out the V-belt, let the motor slowly move along the slide rail to the direction of the crusher, use the crane to lift the shaft, so that the main shaft, pulley, flywheel can be removed. These steps look complicated, but only step by step can we completely remove the parts that need to be removed from the crusher equipment.

In addition, to dismantle the connecting rod is to dismantle the movable jaw of the crusher equipment. In the front step, use the crane or other lifting equipment to pull out the movable jaw; first, control the lubricating oil in the oil pipe, take down the bearing cover, and finally pull out the movable jaw. During the operation of the crusher production line, it will be found that the equipment is suddenly out of order. If the thrust plate is seriously worn and broken, it is necessary to immediately clean up the materials in the crushing chamber, take out the seriously damaged thrust plate, and check whether the support jaw and the bracket plate on the connecting rod need repair and are in good condition. Next, let the moving jaw move slowly to the fixed jaw, lubricate the working surface of the elbow plate with dry oil, and replace the new thrust plate. If it is found that there are other parts of the crusher equipment damaged, it is also necessary to promptly reverse the damage to the manufacturer of the crusher

In fact, it's a painful thing to dismantle the crusher equipment, because it's afraid of this, but the machine will always have problems, and it's impossible not to maintain it. So in order to reduce the maintenance times of the crusher and extend the maintenance time of the crusher, when purchasing, before putting into the operation of the production line of the crusher, it's necessary to know the main points of the maintenance of the crusher from the manufacturer of the crusher.


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