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Crusher Manufacturer Teaches You How To Analyze The Relevant Records Of Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-01 01:15:42

The function of crusher is to crush materials. Regardless of hardness, humidity and viscosity, different crushers produced by crusher manufacturers can be used for processing. However, some wear will inevitably occur during the use of the crusher. Once the wear is large, the particle size of the finished product of the crusher will be uneven, which may reduce the production efficiency of the crusher. Therefore, the daily process should try to do a good job of relevant records for analysis, do not wait until the crusher is worn to the extent that it needs to be replaced before repenting. So how to analyze the relevant records of crusher? Next, the crusher manufacturer will tell you how to analyze.

There are many types of crushers, crusher analysis also needs to explain a lot, crusher dealers will give an example. As for the operation of the commonly used electric hydraulic crusher, first of all, it is necessary to accurately record and analyze the number of teeth used in the front row liner plate. During the operation of the crusher, it is necessary to record the number of teeth in each position, from the front row position to the last position of the liner plate. After the crusher is used, it is necessary to record the number of teeth on the drive ring that have been rotated, mark the horizontal short line, and rotate the cone in the adjustment ring. Now many people are using this recording method. These data are very helpful for the normal operation of the crusher. They can effectively help the operators to check and repair the work. If they find any fault, they can repair it in time, which can not only save costs but also effectively improve the production efficiency of the equipment.

The manufacturer of the crusher clearly points out that if the lining plate of the crusher breaks down, the wear of the equipment must be evaluated in time. If the wear is too serious, the lining plate must be replaced in time. Of course, after the replacement, the lining plate must be recorded to record the number of teeth that the driving ring has moved. In order to effectively determine the wear degree of the equipment lining plate, it can be seen whether it is necessary to replace the crusher lining plate by comparing the number of teeth. Do not look down on the lining plate of crusher any more, it is one of the important equipment for crusher operation, so it can also record the number of lining plate teeth at ordinary times, which can avoid subsequent maintenance work and ensure the efficient operation of the equipment.

The recording work of crusher also includes a lot, because the limitations of the article are not introduced one by one, and the specific information can be learned more from the official website of crusher manufacturer. The crusher distributor pointed out that: in the production process of crusher, it is necessary to strictly follow the operation regulations of crusher, and do a good job in the daily maintenance of equipment parts according to the requirements of the manufacturer. Once the wear degree of crusher is too large, it may cause the equipment not to operate normally and reduce the production efficiency of the equipment, so it is necessary to do a good job in the equipment record analysis.


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