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Crusher Manufacturer Explains Equipment Maintenance

Last Update:2020-05-10 22:59:01

First of all: because the cylindrical bushing and the frame of the crusher are the third transitional fit, after a period of operation, the liner sleeve will rotate. If zinc alloy is injected into the groove above the bushing, it can effectively prevent the bushing from rotating. If the serious wear of the bushing has affected the normal production of the crusher, it is necessary to replace the bushing with a new one. On the premise of sweating the bushing with a new one, it needs to be configured according to the actual size of the frame, so as to ensure a better fit between the bushing and the frame of the crusher.

Second: the gear mesh of crusher. After a long-term work of the crusher, the circular plate of the crusher will be worn, which will affect the change of gear clearance to a certain extent. Adding a gasket on the bottom cover can ensure the normal engagement of the gear. The thickness of the gasket cannot be too much or too little. It must be equal to the wear amount of the circular plate, so as to be effective. When the gear is worn to a certain extent, the gasket cannot be used to maintain its operation, and a new gear needs to be replaced. The crusher manufacturer suggests that you choose a gear with good material, so as to ensure the working time of the gear.

Finally: the spring of the crusher. The spring is very important for the normal operation of the crusher. The important role of the spring is to protect the crusher. When the crusher enters into the material spring that cannot be broken, it can protect it from damage. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the pressure of the spring compatible with the crushing force. When the crusher is in normal operation, the spring will not move. Once something dangerous falls into the crushing chamber, the spring will work. When the spring of the crusher is abnormal, it must be eliminated in time, otherwise it will lose its function of protecting the crusher.


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