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Crusher Industry News For You To Analyze Why There Is Dust In The Crusher Production Process

Last Update:2020-05-08 06:33:50

The use of crusher is more and more extensive. The relevant news of crusher shows that the crusher equipment has occupied an important share in the market. Crushing is widely used, simple and convenient to operate, not only has high production efficiency, but also can save energy. However, many users have reflected that crushing opportunities generate certain dust in the operation process, which is a bit contrary to the current requirements of environmental protection concept, and will also have a certain impact on normal production. Next, do a detailed understanding of the problem of dust, to understand why the crusher in the production process will produce dust?

From the information of crusher, we can know that there are many types and models of crusher, and they are widely used. Today, we talk about the problem of dust generation for the commonly used impact crusher. Now the impact crusher can be simply divided into different types according to the strength of its dust. The PCL vertical shaft impact crusher has the great advantage that the positive pressure of air is small when it is moving, and the continuous accumulation of materials will generate positive pressure inside the equipment, which may lead to the escape of separation and increase of separation. Therefore, in the operation process of this kind of crusher The measures to reduce dust pollution can be taken for the inlet and outlet with large amount of dust.

The above mentioned dust generation places are mainly at the discharge and feed outlets, so how can PCL vertical shaft impact crusher solve the dust problems that are more concerned by the news of crusher industry? Generally speaking, the common PCL impact crusher can be divided into coarse sand and fine sand. In the production process of coarse sand, its crushing materials and main functions are similar to those of the new crusher. The great advantage is that the shell of the equipment is very close, but the feeding port of the equipment is usually open, and the feeding port will be closed in the production process. If the feeding port of the equipment is open, it will be closed in the production process Once there is a fault, the dust of the crusher is easy to spread out, increasing the dust amount of the equipment.

In addition, the crusher news said that the crusher has certain requirements for the hardness, humidity and viscosity of materials. The hardness is mainly aimed at the degree of wear and the viscosity is aimed at the problem of transmission blockage. What about the humidity of materials? From the information of the crusher, we know that the crusher can crush different materials when it is running, which has more powerful functions. However, when the humidity of the materials becomes smaller, a large amount of dust will be generated. Therefore, when the crusher is running, it can seal the inlet and outlet of the equipment and the shell hole, or install the exhaust hood at the inlet, so that when feeding the equipment, the dust will not overflow due to the reason of the inlet. At the same time, pay attention to the humidity of materials, adjust the properties of materials in the feeding operation.


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