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Content Range Of Machine Made Sandstone Powder

Last Update:2020-05-04 08:23:29

The machine-made sand is a kind of particle with the particle size less than 5 mm, which is broken by rock blasting or river gravel, and made by mechanical crushing and screening. Machine made sand is rich in edges and corners, and the particle distribution under the same fineness modulus is inferior to that of natural sand. When it is used to prepare concrete, it will have advantages different from natural sand concrete in mix proportion, construction performance, mechanics and durability. Due to the lack of systematic research on the influence of stone powder in machine-made sand on the performance of concrete, a unified understanding has not been formed. Although the current construction sand standard lists machine-made sand as construction sand, the stone powder content is also strictly limited for the consideration of controlling the mud content, which greatly restricts the innovation of the production process of machine-made sand. In order to meet the requirements of stone powder content, water washing process has been added to the production of machine-made sand, which not only increases the production cost and causes waste of good water source, but also causes environmental pollution such as water quality of river or sand climate, which is not conducive to the environmental protection of production area.  

Based on the problem of whether the content of stone powder can be relaxed, some valuable research results have been obtained. However, the research on the content of stone powder is lack of systematicness and comparability, as follows: the particle range of stone powder is divided differently; the content of stone powder is separated from the production process of machine-made sand, and the high and low content of machine-made sand are achieved through the method of adding fine stone powder, and the research is lack of production technology support; The research content of mechanical sand concrete performance is not comprehensive, and various test indexes are based on different raw materials of mechanical sand.

By studying the influence of stone powder content on the performance of C45 machine-made sand concrete, the limit range of stone powder content of machine-made sand with engineering practical application value is proposed, which is of great significance to the rational utilization of stone powder in machine-made sand and the development of concrete technology.


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