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Construction Waste Treatment And Crushing Equipment

Last Update:2020-05-01 10:00:28

A sign of the accelerating urbanization process is that more and more high-rise buildings are springing up. Urbanization is the inevitable result of social and economic development and the performance of social progress. The level of urbanization in a country and region reflects the level of social development. In the process of accelerating urbanization, people are bound to demolish a large number of old buildings and build new modern buildings.

Demolition of old buildings will inevitably produce a lot of construction waste, which has become a headache in the process of urbanization. The traditional way of treatment is to collect and stack them in the open air or to fill them in the ground. In this way, not only the land will be occupied, but also the environment will be polluted, and the groundwater resources may be affected to varying degrees. Rational use of construction waste and secondary use of construction waste have become a research topic of rapid social development.

As a new type of large-scale equipment specially developed for construction waste treatment, mobile crushing station gradually appears in the construction waste treatment site. The mobile crushing station is a combination of mobile crushing and screening equipment, which can carry out multi-stage crushing of various large materials. In addition, the mobile crushing station equipment covers a small area, is flexible, convenient and has strong mobility, which can save a lot of capital construction and relocation costs.


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