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Construction Waste Sorter Is Now An Important Equipment For Waste Classification

Last Update:2020-05-10 20:51:48

The post-treatment of construction waste has become a key project of urban management. At present, the effective way to deal with construction waste is to sort and recycle it. In fact, the construction waste is not the real garbage. After being treated by the construction waste sorter, it can be processed into various specifications of aggregate, so as to realize the utilization of resources, not only improve the utilization rate of resources, but also reduce the waste of resources and the pollution to the environment. Nowadays, a large number of construction waste is processed into high-quality aggregate, which fully realizes the reuse of resources. For example, the waste concrete mixture in the construction waste can be made into asphalt concrete after being broken; the concrete brick can be made into concrete, mortar or building materials such as blocks, wallboards and floor tiles after being broken; the slag can be used for road construction, pile foundation filler and foundation; and the finished products in the construction waste can also be used for manufacturing Some additional products on the building, such as thermal insulation materials, thermal insulation wall around the wall, dry mixed mortar, etc. The construction waste sorter also has the characteristics of environmental protection and intelligent production: 1. Environmental protection: in order to reduce the dust in production, the construction waste sorter is equipped with advanced dust collection device inside the equipment, which can carry out centralized treatment of the dust, and spray device is equipped at the key positions of screening, discharging and feeding, which can not only wet the dry materials, but also reduce the flying dust 。 The equipment is also equipped with multi-functional dust cover. In order to reduce noise pollution, the crusher is equipped with professional noise reduction device to ensure that the equipment can achieve green production. 2. Intelligence: the construction waste sorter can also realize free transfer operation; the whole machine integrates PLC control system, which can realize remote operation and real-time control of equipment operation dynamics; modular assembly can also realize folding, turning and stretching operation; the finished aggregate processed by the construction waste sorter can also be divided into various specifications, with high particle size distribution, uniformity and good quality 。


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