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Construction Waste Separator Effectively Improves The Recycling Of Resources

Last Update:2020-05-09 10:36:58

With the gradual acceleration of urban infrastructure construction, although it will bring convenience to our life, there will also be some negative effects, such as the construction waste in the construction process, which will not only occupy too much land area, but also bring different degrees of pollution to the environment and other resources. If we follow the traditional solutions, we can not only Fundamentally solve the problem, it will also lead to waste of resources, because construction waste is not the real meaning of waste, in which the adulterated concrete bricks, crushed stones, dregs and other resources can be reused. At present, the more effective way is to use the construction waste separator to crush and screen it, which can not only be recycled, but also be used To reduce the waste of resources is to kill two birds with one stone. The construction waste sorter is equipped with crusher, shale shaker, feeder, conveyor and other equipment. The built-in sorting device can extract waste steel bars, iron wires and other materials from the construction waste, improve the quality of recycled aggregate. The equipment equipped with the sand making machine can also make concrete bricks, crushed stones and other materials for sand processing, or use the crusher to break them into particles The finished product can reduce the content of bulk materials, make them evenly distributed, and process high-quality recycled aggregate. As a kind of equipment that can realize resource recovery and utilization, the construction waste sorting machine can not only operate on a single machine, but also can realize the joint operation of multiple machines, so as to form multiple crushing, sand making, screening and other operations. The construction waste sorting machine is also equipped with screening system, feeding system and conveying system, which are respectively responsible for the screening, feeding and conveying of materials, and each part coordinates the operation to achieve Free transfer, efficient and intelligent operation.


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