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Comprehensive Utilization Of Coal Gangue

Last Update:2020-05-12 23:39:29

Coal gangue is a kind of solid waste discharged in the process of coal mining and coal washing. It is a kind of black gray rock with low carbon content and harder than coal, which is associated with coal seam in the process of coal formation. It includes the gangue in the process of roadway excavation, the gangue extracted from the roof, floor and interlayer, and the gangue extracted from the coal washing process. Its main components are Al2O3 and SiO2. In addition, it also contains Fe2O3, Cao, MgO, Na2O, K2O, P2O5, SO3 and trace rare elements (gallium, vanadium, titanium and cobalt). How to use coal gangue comprehensively is related to environmental protection and comprehensive utilization of good resources.

Coal gangue instead of fuel: iron melting, boiler burning, lime burning, coal recovery. Production of cement: production of ordinary portland cement; production of good cement, production of cement without clinker. Production of building materials: coal gangue sintered brick, good quality, uniform color, coal gangue production of light aggregate, light aggregate is to reduce the relative density of concrete, and the selection of a type of porous aggregate; production of coal gangue asbestos, coal gangue and lime as raw materials, through high temperature melting, blowing a building material.

Production of chemical products: crystal aluminum trichloride is made from coal gangue and hydrochloric acid, the by-product of chemical industry, through crushing, burning, grinding, acid leaching, precipitation, concentrated crystallization, dehydration and other production processes. It is a new type of water purification agent, water glass, ammonium sulfate production, iron sulfide in coal gangue at high temperature to produce SO2, reoxidation to produce SO3, water production Sulfuric acid, and compounds with ammonia produce ammonium sulfate.


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