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Complex Structure And Working Principle Of Impact Fracture

Last Update:2020-05-12 17:44:48

Many users will encounter a variety of problems in the application of sand production line. It is a common problem that the output is not enough. For all users, how to improve the output of the production line is crucial. In fact, the working principle of the impact breaking is very similar to that of the sand making machine, but the impact breaking structure is relatively complex, which requires comprehensive supervision during operation and good maintenance at ordinary times. So how to improve the output of impact? Let's see the detailed introduction of experts.

In fact, the principle of percussion breaker is not so complicated. To achieve the high output effect expected by users, first look at its operation principle. In fact, the impact breaking structure is not as complex as the user imagined. When the sand making machine is running, it mainly sends the materials to the feeder through the conveyor belt, and then through screening, the qualified materials will be transported out, and the unqualified materials will be transported to the crusher for further crushing until they meet the production requirements.

Because the sand machine will produce a lot of vibration when it is working, so we need to find out through understanding the working principle of impact breaking. When installing, we need to install the equipment on the concrete, so as to reduce the vibration and noise brought by production. At the same time, a series of shock absorption treatment should be carried out according to the impact breaking principle, so as to reduce the impact of equipment operation on the surrounding buildings and environment, and greatly improve the overall production efficiency.

Generally speaking, according to the principle of impact breaking, a layer of metal plate should be laid on the top of the ore discharge tank of the foundation first, and at the same time, a proper tilt angle should be ensured, so as to prevent the materials from being broken and unable to go out. The impact breaking structure consists of a lot of supporting equipment. In the process of production, it is necessary to adjust the size of the outlet and the inlet in a timely manner, and reinforce the bolts, so as to ensure the uniform feeding amount, reduce the damage of the equipment and ensure the production efficiency.

In fact, the impact breaking structure is similar to other sand making equipment. In modern production, the application of this equipment is very common. For users, in the process of production, we need to pay attention to a lot of related matters and basic maintenance measures. According to the working principle of impact fracture, we can reasonably select relevant supporting equipment and feed materials, so as to ensure the uniform feeding and the final very large production.


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