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Comparative Analysis Of Technical Parameters And Structural Characteristics Of Jaw Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-09 12:27:43

In order to meet the diversified requirements of different industries for material standards, crusher manufacturers have launched a variety of jaw crusher models. Different models and different jaw crusher parameters determine the material properties and industry scope of the equipment. It is more scientific to choose crushing equipment according to the production standard of materials in the industry. It is necessary to know the structure of jaw crusher with different technical parameters. The structure of jaw crusher can be divided into three modules: fixed body, rotating body and adjusting device.

First of all, we will analyze the composition of the fixed body. The fixed part of the jaw crusher is mainly the frame. According to the strict quality requirements and process standards, we should ensure the stability of the jaw crusher in the operation process. When checking the structure of the fixed body, the customer should pay attention to that in order to prevent the wear of the side wall of the frame, the manufacturer will install guard boards on both sides of the crushing chamber. The length and width of the guard board should be adjusted according to the technical parameters of the jaw crusher. The guard board can be replaced at any time. Compared with replacing the broken wall, the maintenance cost of the guard board is lower.

Secondly, the structure of the rotating body of the jaw crusher is the main control unit of the crusher, which is also the core part of the parameters of the jaw crusher. The components of the rotating body mainly include the moving jaw, eccentric shaft, bearing and pulley. We know that the working principle of jaw crusher relies on the periodic movement of moving jaw plate to realize the crushing process of materials, and the material of moving jaw plate has a direct impact on the crushing force. The material is clamped between the moving jaw plate and the fixed jaw plate, so it is necessary to optimize the crushing cavity and improve the crushing effect.

Finally, it is the adjustment device of jaw crusher, which can be simply understood as the adjustment of the size of the outlet according to the needs of users. The discharge port of the equipment is designed to a predetermined value through two methods of lifting wedge type and top bar gasket type. There are some differences in the structure of the jaw crusher under different technical parameters, which can be directly distinguished by the pictures of the jaw crusher and the external dimensions of the accessories of the jaw crusher. With the cooperation of the hydraulic device, the adjustment device can realize the unification of the actual feeding size and the theoretical feeding size, and ensure the standardization of the discharging size.


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