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Comparative Analysis Of New Hj Jaw Crusher And Traditional Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-14 01:55:53

The 21st century is a period of rapid development, in which high-yield equipment is constantly replaced by low-yield equipment, and low energy consumption equipment is replaced by high-energy consumption equipment. In a word, new equipment is constantly replaced by traditional equipment, and the benefits of fast fish eating slow fish are realized. With the rapid development of mining machinery, mining machinery and equipment are constantly updated, integrated and innovative. Only in this way can we meet the demand of mining and produce the products that customers need.

(1) Single crushing process: multi-functional crushing cannot be realized. In the working process, if there are many kinds of materials to be crushed, the traditional crushing process can not completely separate them, and it is easy to over crush the materials. This kind of over crushing reduces the useful components, forms the waste products in the crushing operation, and causes the waste of resources.

More and more mines begin to use mechanized operation to improve the mining rate, especially in coal, copper, zinc and other mines, the degree of mechanization has been greatly improved, and the requirements of these industries are also increasingly high. The shortcomings of jaw crusher can not meet the needs of modern mine production, and the products need to be improved.

Based on these shortcomings, liming heavy industry factory HJ jaw crusher, the wearing parts are mainly jaw plate and guard plate, the jaw plate is made of high quality high manganese steel alloy, and the hardness and endurance of the material are improved by adjusting the proportion of carbon steel in the casting process. Secondly, from the structure point of view, the jaw crusher structure mainly includes the overall shape, component shape and the optimization of the assembly design of each component. The shell of jaw crusher can be cast and welded, and can also be connected by bolts and other ways, so that the adaptability of jaw crusher in the use site has been greatly improved. Optimize the cavity shape, that is, change the section shape of the toothed plate, get a more reasonable crushing cavity curve, make the feeding and discharging better match, change the suspension height, reduce the positive suspension height, even to zero or negative suspension, so as to increase the horizontal stroke of the lower end of the moving jaw. Later, improve the maintenance system. Jaw crusher as a broken work intensity is large, once daily maintenance and maintenance can not keep up, it will greatly increase equipment wear and shorten the life of jaw crusher. At present, the jaw crusher, together with the circulating lubricating oil circuit and cooling system, can effectively reduce equipment wear and maintenance costs in daily production.


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