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Common Sense Of Compound Pendulum Jaw Crusher And Its Market Development Prospect

Last Update:2020-05-11 17:24:01

The development of China's double pendulum crusher mainly started in the late 1970s. Through the vigorous development in the 1980s and 1990s, the current type of finalized crusher has been on the same level with the varieties of manufacturers in the world, and sophisticated models in the world can be found in China. However, due to the late development and poor foundation of such equipment, the quality of the equipment produced after the introduction and digestion of imported equipment is uneven. Some of them are only low-level imitations, but have not improved and improved.

Pendulum type ultra-fine crusher is an important processing method in ultra-precision processing. Its benefits are high processing accuracy and wide processing data plan. However, the traditional macadam has the disadvantages of low processing power, high processing cost, unstable processing accuracy and quality, which makes the use of the traditional macadam bound. Under the condition of ensuring the processing accuracy and quality of the crushed stone of pendulum type ultra-fine crusher, it is necessary to significantly reduce the processing cost, trudge the processing power, and make the crushed stone technology more practical, which is conducive to the implementation and application of the crushed stone technology of pendulum type ultra-fine crusher, promotes the trudge of China's precision processing technology and first-class manufacturing technology, and enhances China's competitive strength in the field of processing and manufacturing, Gravel processing technology plays an important role in the opening of these two industries.

The method to improve the variable speed control of the pendulum type ultrafine crusher is that the grinding tool improves its rotation speed and height at the beginning, stabilizes the constant speed rotation of the grinding tool during the official period, and reduces the speed rotation at the beginning of the grinding tool during the end. It is characterized in that during the beginning of the gravel processing, the acceleration of the artificial control of the speed of the abrasive tool increases from zero to fast. When the speed of the abrasive tool increases to half of the official gravel speed, the change of the acceleration presents an inflection point. The acceleration of the control of the speed of the abrasive tool decreases from a very large value, from fast to slow, until the speed of the abrasive tool reaches the official gravel speed, and the acceleration of the speed of the abrasive tool To zero.


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