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Common Repairing Methods Of Jaw Wear Of New Environmental Protection Energy Saving Jaw Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-04 21:52:12

Jaw crusher is a kind of widely used crushing equipment in production. This kind of equipment is generally composed of moving jaw and static jaw, and then the materials are continuously hit and collided to grind the materials finally. In this process, the wear of jaw plate of general environmental protection jaw crusher is very fast, especially in the middle and lower third of the jaw plate. Now let's take a look at the common repair methods of jaw wear of new jaw crusher.

1. Materials shall be subject to strict spot check. Too large block or too hard properties of materials will bring different degrees of impact on energy-saving jaw crusher and different degrees of wear on jaw plate. Therefore, before production, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive sampling inspection on the materials. Once it is found that the nature of the materials fluctuates too much, it is necessary to timely adjust the corresponding equipment, such as technical parameters, eccentric shaft speed and motor power, etc., so as to ensure that the materials and the new jaw crusher can adapt to each other and effectively reduce the wear of the jaw plate.

2. Do a good job of fastening during installation. In the installation of environmental protection jaw crusher, we also need to pay attention to some related matters, especially the fastening of new jaw plate. At this time, ensure that the surface contact between the jaw plate and the equipment and machine is stable, and at the same time, add a layer of plywood between the two to stabilize. There are also strict requirements for the assembly of the moving jaw plate and the static jaw plate of the equipment. Generally, the tooth peak of the jaw plate of the new jaw crusher is aligned with the tooth slot of the jaw plate.

3. The jaw plate material must be firm. Generally speaking, the jaw plate of environmental protection jaw crusher is made of high hardness material, which can resist the effect of extrusion micro cutting failure. At the same time, if the selected material has enough toughness, it can also effectively resist the fatigue failure of equipment caused by chiseling impact. Some manufacturers have improved the structure of the toothed plate of the energy-saving jaw crusher effectively, which can also effectively reduce the activity between the material and the toothed plate.

Compared with other crushing equipment, the new jaw crusher has a great advantage. Once this kind of equipment is used for a long time, the jaw plate will wear in varying degrees. The above are common repair methods for jaw wear. I hope all operators should pay attention to it, do a good job in equipment maintenance and overhaul the equipment in time, so as to ensure the ideal production efficiency.


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