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Common Problems In The Sales Process Of Lithotripter And Its Accessories Nationwide

Last Update:2020-05-12 03:26:25

The hot sale of a commodity has a lot to do with the advantages of the commodity itself and the supply and demand of the market. Nowadays, the sale of stone crushers is very hot all over the country. Because the function and application of stone crushers are very extensive, it is also inseparable from the society in urgent need of development. For example, now the country is constantly narrowing the differences between cities and towns. After all, we should start with the construction of infrastructure Stone machine is playing an irreplaceable role at this time. Although the improvement of the crusher is very good, it still needs to be carefully selected in the purchase process. Next, I will briefly introduce the common faults in the operation of the crusher.

In the front row, the most common fault in the operation of the crusher is that the moving jaw of the flywheel of the crusher stops swinging. Many customers have responded to this fault. There are no more than two reasons for the failure, man-made operation and internal reasons of the machine itself; the failure of the rotating jaw of the flywheel to stop swinging is generally caused by the careless operation of the crusher, which results in the breaking of the thrust plate of the crusher, or the serious damage of the connecting rod of the accessories of the crusher. At this time, we should call the buyer in time for repair and replacement Thrust plate and other gravel machine accessories.

Secondly, during the operation of the stone crusher, it is easy to encounter the problem that the tooth plate of the stone crusher equipment is loose, and in serious cases, it also makes some metal impact sound. This kind of problem is reflected in the hot sales situation of the crusher. In case of this situation, it is necessary to find out the specific reasons in time, which may be caused by the loose screws used to fix the gear plate of the crusher or the wedge plate on the side of the crusher. You can check the faults one by one, or directly call the manufacturer for repair.

Third, bearing problem is a fatal influence in the operation of stone crusher. The common phenomenon is that the bearing of the crusher is overheated and the temperature is too high. Don't think it's nothing, just because the operation is too long. In fact, this is the more fatal problem of the crusher. At this time, it may be due to the insufficient grease between the parts of the crusher or the residual substances between the parts are too much and dirty, or the bearing has been damaged. You can add some grease and clean the bearing carefully. If it still doesn't work, you need to repair it to get back to normal operation.

In fact, in the sales process of the crusher, the salesperson and the buyer will carefully analyze the material demand, finished product requirements, etc. to make a more suitable machine for the buyer, which can not only effectively avoid the problems described above, but also appropriately extend the service life of the accessories of the crusher, improve the production capacity of the crusher and the safety of the operators. Therefore, in the process of purchasing the macadam machine instructions and problems encountered in the operation process can be clearly understood by the sales staff before making a decision.


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