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Common Faults And Treatment Measures Of Vibrating Screen Of Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-08 12:38:11

The vibrating screen of crusher is one of its main components. The main function of the vibrating screen is to screen the materials and carry out the next operation if they are qualified. If they are unqualified, they should be returned for crushing again. In the process of crusher operation, screen problems are also relatively common, generally occur when the crusher is working. So what are the common failures of crusher screen? What are the common treatment measures?

Some operators will encounter that the crusher vibrating screen can not be started normally during operation, or even if the amplitude of normal start is very small, which seriously affects the overall efficiency of the work. Once this happens, the operator should check the circuit of the crusher in time to see if there is any problem and if the motor is damaged. Once the problem is found, it should be handled to ensure the normal operation of the crusher screen.

When the crusher screen is running, it may also slow down, or the bearing may overheat. If there is such a situation, it means that the usual maintenance is not done well, the bearing is lack of lubricating oil, or the quality of the newly added lubricating grease is not good. If the quality of the grease is not good, it may lead to the blocking of the vibrating screen of the crusher.

If the screening quality of the vibrating screen of the crusher fails to go up, it is also likely to cause various failures in the operation of the equipment, which are often caused by incorrect operation. For this kind of failure, it may be caused by the blocking of the mesh of the screen, the excessive moisture and humidity of the material, or the loosening of the screen around the crusher. These problems need to be considered and dealt with in a timely and effective manner.

There are many kinds of faults in the operation of the crusher screen. The above describes the common faults and the basic treatment methods in detail. This reminds all operators that they must do a good job in the maintenance and supervision of the vibrating screen of the crusher during the production of the crusher, so as to ensure its normal operation and reduce the failure rate.


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