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Clean Pulverized Coal Injection Preparation Project

Last Update:2020-05-08 11:32:03

At the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, a call was put forward for environmental protection to "fight well for ecological environmental protection, but also naturally to be harmonious and beautiful". In order to actively respond to national policies, domestic iron and steel enterprises pay more and more attention to the selection of clean coal powder preparation equipment. Safety production, environmental protection, cleaning and energy conservation have become a new standard for coal mill access of iron and steel enterprises. Liming heavy industry attaches great importance to product upgrading and comprehensive development to meet the new needs of industry construction. Relying on excellent equipment strength and R & D technology, liming heavy industry strives to build environmental protection grinding equipment to adapt to the "new era". Therefore, LM series vertical pulverizers stand out, not only becoming a new choice under the "new era", but also the preferred equipment for blast furnace pulverized coal preparation project.

2 × 350m ³ blast furnace is proposed for the project, and the blast furnace is equipped with pulverizing and blowing facilities. The two blast furnaces share a set of coal injection system. The type of coal injection is the mixture of bituminous coal and anthracite, and the injection volume reaches 160kg / THM. The cooperation with Liming this time is a company affiliated to Shandong Iron and Steel Group, which is known as "China's clean production environment-friendly enterprise in iron and steel industry". After comprehensive comparison and layer by layer selection of several similar equipment, the company finally selected lm1700m Vertical Pulverizer (medium speed pulverizer) developed and produced by Liming heavy industry as the main equipment of the blast furnace pulverized coal injection preparation system The equipment integrates fine crushing, drying, grinding, powder selection and transportation, which is safe, stable, clean, energy-saving and environmental protection. It is a good helper for coal powder injection in the action of energy conservation and emission reduction.

Raw coal is sent to lm1700m Vertical Pulverizer through closed quantitative coal feeder. Meanwhile, hot air from heating furnace enters into Vertical Pulverizer from air inlet under the suction of system fan. After full heat exchange with raw coal being ground in the mill, the pulverized coal is picked up and sorted at the separator. The coarse coal with unqualified fineness falls back to the grinding plate for grinding. The qualified pulverized coal follows the air flow The pulse dust collector entering the explosion-proof gas box is collected, and the collected pulverized coal products are sent to the next link for use through the discharge port and the conveying device; moreover, the whole system operates under the negative pressure condition, and the system dust does not overflow, so as to clean the site.

LM Series Vertical Pulverizer, referred to as vertical mill or vertical mill, is called medium speed pulverizer or Vertical Pulverizer in the field of pulverized coal preparation. Liming heavy industry has developed and produced the international standard vertical mill according to the domestic market demand, combined with nearly 30 years of experience in mill design and manufacturing, and the main technical and economic indicators have reached the international level. LM Vertical Pulverizer, as a sharp tool in the field of pulverized coal preparation, adopts a one-step method preparation system. The drying of the system is carried out at the same time as the pulverizing, which can realize the drying while grinding; the system is safe and stable, with low noise, energy saving and environmental protection.

Blast furnace coal injection is playing an irreplaceable role in saving the smelting cost of iron and steel industry, and in response to the needs of many customers, liming heavy industry has launched the EPC project, fully supporting the clean coal powder preparation project, and building blocks for the pulverizing project; facing the future, liming people are full of confidence, and are in the ascendant trend of "low carbon economy" in the world Under the trend, liming coal mill will continue to bring more technology upgrading and development to steel, coal, power, chemical and other industries!


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