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Choose Crushing Equipment According To The Wear Resistance Of Hammer Head Of Impact Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-05 13:35:13

For the selection of crushing equipment, we can not only pursue the comprehensive function, but also understand the structure, operation principle and applicable processing materials of the equipment, and make rational selection based on our actual needs. Impact crusher is a kind of high efficiency crusher, its very big disadvantage is that the impact hammer head and impact plate are easy to wear, especially for crushing hard ore, the wear is more serious, which needs to be replaced frequently. Therefore, the consumption of crusher hammers and impact plates accounts for a large part of the later operation cost of the gravel production line, and the equipment with some strengthening in this aspect can be selected when purchasing.

Counterattack is an important crushing equipment, hammerhead is also an important part of counterattack. How is the hammer worn? Usually in the production process of cement, metallurgy, mining, electric power and other industries, the handle of impact hammer will continue to bear alternating bending stress and impact force, while the hammer head mainly bears relatively strong impact force and friction force. During the working period of the hammer head of the impact crusher, in addition to the impact of the material, it will also be scoured by the material; that is to say, the edges and corners of both sides of the hammer head will be grinded into a smooth arc surface, and the force on the arc surface can be divided into two components, one of which has an impact on the hammer head, and the other has a cutting and scouring effect on the hammer surface. All of these will lead to the lack of wear resistance of hammerhead, and eventually the hammerhead will fail rapidly during the working period.

The main factors that affect the wear of hammerhead are: material, manufacturing quality and structure design of hammerhead. At present, the price of PE impact crusher plate hammer keeps rising in the market. Part of the factor is that the hammer material fundamentally determines the service life and value of the hammer. We can see from the stress form that the hammer handle needs good impact toughness because it is constantly subjected to alternating bending stress, while the alloy steel has strong toughness; the working face of hammer head mainly bears friction and impact force, while the chromium wear-resistant cast iron is inlaid with hard carbide, which has strong impact and excellent wear resistance. After the industry test, its wear resistance is Three times as high manganese steel. Therefore, when choosing the impact crusher, the excellent choice is to use alloy steel as the handle of the hammer and chromium wear-resistant cast iron as the head of the impact crusher, so as to ensure its longer service life and higher crushing efficiency.


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