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Chongqing Counterattack Against Local Conditions

Last Update:2020-05-06 13:18:43

In some remote areas of Chongqing, the level of rural roads is relatively low. In some areas, there are still "dead end roads" between villages, towns, counties and counties. In the whole year of last year, Chongqing has stepped up the construction of rural road unobstructed projects, with a total investment of 9.8 billion yuan for the construction or reconstruction of 8000 kilometers of rural roads, and promoted the construction of rural road unobstructed projects. The construction project will make the city's administrative village unobstructed rate reach 82%, solve the problem of 620 administrative villages unobstructed, and further optimize the road network structure.

The rural road construction project needs a large amount of sand and stone aggregate. Chongqing should develop and utilize various local non-metallic mines according to local conditions. Chongqing is rich in reserves of limestone, barite and limestone for cement, which can be used in various highway construction projects after being processed by Chongqing impact crusher. The requirements of sand and stone aggregate for highway construction are very high. It is required to have reasonable grading and uniform grain shape. The finished product after treatment is cubic in shape, without tension cracks, and has a good grain shape, which conforms to the grade standards of all kinds of sand and stone aggregate. The customer can also change the particle size and material shape by adjusting the gap between the impact frame and the rotor frame, which is suitable for medium and fine crushing of various soft and medium hard ores. There are two kinds of cavity types for our counter breaking: two cavity crushing, which can simplify the process flow and is suitable for the coarse crushing operation; three cavity crushing, which performs particularly in the fine crushing and ultra fine crushing operation, allows customers to choose the corresponding cavity types according to different production needs.

In order to provide the highway construction project with a large number of high-quality aggregate, a local customer contacted our staff. He wants to buy a impact crusher for processing limestone. The raw material particle size is about 250mm, and the output is required to reach 60t / h. The discharge particle size is divided into three specifications: 15mm, 20mm and 30mm. The engineer suggested that the user buy our 1000mm impact crusher. The very large feed size of this model is 350mm, and the production capacity is between 50-80t / h, which can meet his production needs. The end user adopted our suggestion and established a complete limestone crushing production line. At present, the production line is in good condition and brings considerable profits to customers.


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