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Changchun Crusher Is Affordable

Last Update:2020-05-01 12:13:44

The three provinces in Northeast China belong to the important areas of industrial development. As the industrial core of Northeast China, Changchun is developing well, especially some heavy industries. Modern production and infrastructure can not be separated from crusher equipment, because many large materials need to be processed by crusher, and Changchun crusher has great advantages in production. With the development of social technology, the technology of crusher is constantly being reformed and innovated, and the advantages and features of new crusher have been unanimously affirmed by many users. Changchun crusher price is reasonable, but in order to improve production efficiency, in addition to choose a good crusher, daily maintenance is also very important.

First of all, the daily maintenance of Changchun crusher is inseparable from routine inspection. The overall inspection of the equipment can effectively avoid some small daily problems, and play a great role in maintaining the high efficiency of the crusher. In addition, Changchun coal crusher is different from other crushing equipment. If the crusher operates for a long time, there will be continuous wear between materials and equipment, which may damage equipment parts, especially for some important parts, which will cause serious consequences. Therefore, the operator should carry out comprehensive and serious inspection on the equipment at ordinary times, and timely repair or replace some seriously damaged parts, Ensure the normal and high-speed operation of crusher equipment.

Secondly, it is necessary to pay attention to the lubrication system of the equipment to reduce the damage of parts. The damage of parts mainly comes from the friction between the equipment. The function of adding lubricating oil is to reduce the friction of parts. Generally speaking, when Changchun crusher runs for 400 hours, it needs to add lubricating grease in time. After running for 2000 hours, it needs to carefully clean the bearing of the crusher. When the crusher works for 7000 hours, it needs to replace the bearing, because the bearing will wear very seriously. In addition to the bearings, other parts of the crusher also need to be lubricated. Generally, the crusher has two oil feeding inlets, which can be added according to the user's own needs and the actual situation of the crusher.

Finally, in order to ensure the normal operation of the crusher, we should also ensure our own personal safety. Although the price of Changchun crusher is affordable, but the production performance is very good, but no matter how good the crusher can stand the all-weather operation, overload, high-intensity work even people can not stand, let alone mechanical equipment. Therefore, during the operation, the staff should pay attention to their own safety, and operate the crusher correctly to avoid equipment failure and safety accidents.


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