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Causes Of Hammer Wear And Damage Of Sand Making Machine

Last Update:2020-05-06 08:12:34

As the core part of the sand making machine hammerhead, the main function of the hammerhead of the sand making machine is to break the materials under the condition of high-speed rotation, which is an essential structure of the sand making machine and also a wear-resistant part easy to be worn. The quality of the hammerhead affects the efficiency of the whole production line. Therefore, it is necessary to find out the reason for the damage of the hammerhead of the sand making machine and the repair method to avoid the damage Avoid more serious losses.

The wear resistance of hammerhead has always been a concern of both the sand machine manufacturer and users. Liming Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is a good sand making machine manufacturer. After repeated attempts, it is found that if high manganese steel, high chromium, tungsten titanium alloy and other metals are used as the manufacturing materials of the hammer head of the sand making machine, composite materials are used, and the handle and end of the hammer are separately cast, which greatly improves the wear resistance of the hammer head, prolongs the service life of the hammer head, and improves the sand making process Overall level of machine production line.

2. The physical properties of minerals include the abrasiveness, soil content, water content, viscoplasticity and compressive strength of metals, as well as the hardness of crushed materials. The material used for making hammerheads is directly proportional to the hardness of materials. Different hammerheads are used for materials with different physical properties, which is helpful to prolong the life of hammerheads. Therefore, when using the sand making machine equipment, we should choose the hammer head of suitable material according to the material's good nature.

This paper analyzes the causes of the damage of the hammerhead of the sand and stone making machine. We should try our best to avoid these problems in the actual production process. Regularly carry out good maintenance for the sand making machine. In addition to the hammers we need to select, we should also pay attention to the correct operation of the sand making machine, and strengthen the maintenance of the hammers of the sand making machine.


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