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Causes And Solutions To The Wear Of Grinding Roller Assembly Of Kaolin Mill

Last Update:2020-05-09 04:38:36

There are many accessories in the grinding roller assembly of the kaolin mill, among which the bearing is mainly used to realize the transmission function. When the materials in the grinding plate are ground, the grinding roller operates, and the distance between the grinding roller and the material plate is realized by driving the bearing by the hydraulic device on the grinding roller assembly. Therefore, the bearing is likely to wear in the grinding production, so we need to conduct grinding There is a clear understanding of the phenomenon of wear, and then take corresponding measures to solve it in time. Here is a small part to share with you the reasons and solutions for the wear of the grinding roller assembly. After long-term use, it is inevitable that the grinding roller of kaolin mill breaks down. For example, the efficiency of grinding roller reduces, which leads to the reduction of the output of grinding material; the long-term use of grinding roller leads to the formation of a certain gap between the grinding roller sleeve and the material layer on the grinding plate. In view of the above problems, we need to find out the causes and solve them. Part of the reason why the roller of kaolin mill has these problems is because of the bearing wear. The bearing wear will not only cause the normal movement of the roller to be blocked, but also lead to the phenomenon that the material can not be fully ground and the output will decrease. In view of the above faults, we can repair the grinding roller of the kaolin mill on a regular basis, which is generally a major overhaul for about a year. However, if the user causes bearing wear due to improper production operation, that is, excessive feeding amount, the user should solve the problem immediately after finding it, and do not delay the repair time of the bearing, because this is only the case It will make the accessories of the kaolin mill damaged more seriously, and may also lead to the overall failure of the equipment.


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