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Cause Analysis Of Material Blocking In Pe60x100 Small Jaw Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-10 23:35:57

Jaw crusher can be divided into many types. In actual operation, due to a variety of reasons, it may lead to equipment failure or block and forced to stop, which will have a great impact on normal production. When operating the 100 * 60 small jaw crusher, we must find out the common causes in time and solve them in time. Let's look at several common causes of material blockage of pe60 * 100 jaw crusher.

When the main bearing of 100 * 60 small jaw crusher is damaged in production, other parts will not be able to coordinate with each other. At this time, it may cause problems in the normal transportation of materials, and eventually lead to material blockage. A large number of materials can not be discharged in the crushing chamber of pe60 * 100 jaw crusher, which will cause certain damage to the equipment and even lead to production accidents. Therefore, the main bearing shall be checked in time, and timely maintenance shall be carried out in case of any fault.

Generally speaking, the motor of jaw crusher needs a certain voltage when it is running. But in many production, the voltage of 100 * 60 small jaw crusher is too low. At this time, although the motor can still keep running, but because the voltage is too small, the rotating speed is too slow to crush the materials in the crushing chamber. At this time, a large number of materials will pile up in the crushing chamber of the 100 * 60 jaw crusher, causing material blockage.

In the production process of jaw crusher, the discharging speed may be too slow, which may be caused by the blockage of discharging port, which makes pe60 * 100 jaw crusher have to stop for maintenance. In addition, the eccentric shaft of jaw crusher is the core part of the equipment. Once the eccentric shaft is skewed or loose, it will lead to jamming, natural materials will be blocked, and eventually lead to the shutdown of 100 * 60 small jaw crusher.

There are many reasons for the material blockage of 100 * 60 small jaw crusher. The above are just the main reasons. In the actual production, it is necessary to supervise the equipment at any time. In case of any failure or blockage of the equipment, it is necessary to report to the relevant maintenance personnel in time, and carry out comprehensive inspection on pe60 * 100 jaw crusher in time, so as to ensure the efficient and stable operation of the equipment.


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