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Cause Analysis Of Air Duct Blockage Of High Fine Mill

Last Update:2020-05-02 12:05:27

With the rapid development of the grinding market, the demand of high fineness grinding machine is also increasing, and the requirements of equipment are also increasing. Therefore, in order to meet the development needs of the industry, the mill manufacturers should improve and innovate the equipment to meet the needs of the majority of users. As a mechanical equipment, it is inevitable to have some faults in the grinding production, such as the common air duct blockage, so what are the reasons for this situation? When the high-precision pulverizer is working, if the air duct is blocked, the equipment will be shut down easily, which is mostly caused by feeding, such as too much one-time feeding, too large particles, etc. Because the high fine grinding machine is a kind of equipment for grinding massive materials into powder, if the one-time feeding is too much, the load of the equipment will increase, not only the output of the equipment will be affected, but also the equipment will not work normally in serious cases. For the phenomenon of air duct blockage, the high-precision pulverizer mainly relies on the blower to carry out the powder selection in the powder selection operation. When the air duct is blocked, the wind force will drop. If the material is too wet, it will adhere to the inner wall of the air duct, which will lead to the decrease of the wind force, thus forming the phenomenon of blockage. Therefore, when the fan fails, the air duct will be blocked. Therefore, the user should start from the feeding aspect first. Only by ensuring the uniform feeding speed, this phenomenon can be effectively avoided.


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