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Cause Analysis Of Abnormal Noise In Bentonite Mill

Last Update:2020-05-11 12:56:52

Any kind of equipment will produce some sound when working, of course, the same is true for bentonite grinder. As a grinder equipment, it is inevitable to produce sound in the milling production, which is also a very normal phenomenon. After all, such a large machine is in operation. But once the sound becomes loud and accompanied by vibration, it needs to be noted that if there is a strong noise, it is not normal, which part must be faulty. So what factors will lead to these conditions of bentonite mill? One of the reasons for the sharp noise of the bentonite mill is that the gears are severely worn. When the gear is worn to a certain extent, it is easy to break down, which leads to equipment shaking and violent noise. This requires the user to regularly check the wear condition of the gear, never wait for the fault to occur and then replace, win to prepare for replacement in advance, and carry out inspection and maintenance every day to avoid unnecessary faults. Second: because the powder content of the grinding material is large. When the material is grinded, there will be no buffer between the grinding rollers of the bentonite mill, and then there will be severe noise and vibration, and even the phenomenon of roller winding will occur. Therefore, before feeding, it is necessary to check the powder content of the material. Generally, experienced workers can judge the cause of noise and vibration through sound. If the user's Bentonite pulverizer makes a violent noise during operation, and the cause can't be found, the manufacturer should be contacted in time, and the after-sales manufacturer can also send a specialist to the manufacturer for maintenance.


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