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Cause Analysis And Solution Of Pf1315 Type Counterattack Failure

Last Update:2020-05-11 05:26:39

Pf1315 impact crusher is a common impact crusher equipment at this stage. As we all know, there is no doubt that it is widely used in today's society. Therefore, a common type of impact crusher, 1315 impact crusher, is also widely used. And 1315 impact breaking belongs to the crusher equipment, which is often said to conform to the crusher equipment. Next, we will introduce the relevant fault discovery and solution of compound crusher equipment with 1315 impact crusher:

First of all, the composite crusher for the corresponding understanding. Pf1315 impact crusher is a kind of composite crusher, which is mainly used in cement, building materials, mining and other industries, crushing materials with compressive strength no more than 200 MPa. Pf1315 impact crusher has a multi-mode elastic adjustment mechanism, which effectively controls the discharging granularity; the unique design, the upper case back cover can be opened hydraulically (manually), making the replacement of parts and maintenance more convenient. At the same time, special attention should be paid to the fact that 1315 impact crusher completely rewrites the preparation process of cement raw meal, reduces equipment investment by one third, saves half of energy consumption, and saves a lot of maintenance costs. Is now the first dazzle of industrial production, so for the 1315 impact crusher compound crusher as the main type of crusher in the use of what problems will occur, and how to solve them? Professionals make the following introduction:

First of all, the front line is the electrical equipment failure: this kind of problem often exists because, during the operation of 1315 impact breaking compound crusher, the electric motor stops unexpectedly due to electrical failure; the out of pin and broken pin of the belt pulley; the bearing is damaged; the driving belt slips and even burns and other factors may lead to the blocking of compound crusher. Generally speaking, pf1315 impact crusher operators frequently check the equipment is an excellent solution. The operator shall ensure the normal operation of the equipment, conduct regular maintenance on the compound crusher, and ensure the normal use of parts. The other is our common human error operation. The main reason for this problem is due to mistakes in the operation process. When the machine is started, the compound crusher is not opened; when the machine is stopped too early, the order of starting the equipment is reversed, these human factors may cause blocking accidents. This excellent solution is undoubtedly to strengthen management and minimize human errors after handling faults.


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