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Can The Accessories Of High Fineness Mills From Different Manufacturers Be Used In General

Last Update:2020-05-12 05:21:42

High fine grinding machine is a kind of Raymond grinding machine. Its name is slightly different according to different grinding materials. Because there are many parts inside the grinder, and the quality of the parts may directly determine the working efficiency of the grinder, and the models of the parts required for different models of high-precision grinder are also different. There are many manufacturers of high-precision pulverizer on the market, so some users will have questions. Can the accessories of high-precision pulverizer from different manufacturers be used universally? What should be paid attention to when selecting? Let's have a brief talk with you. Different parts play different roles in grinding materials. However, the service life of different parts is different. For example, the vulnerable parts that need to be replaced frequently need to be replaced according to the hardness of the grinding material. They need to be replaced after working for about 500 hours. For other parts, they need to be inspected regularly and replaced in time. Generally speaking, the accessories of grinding equipment with the same specification can be used in general. When we choose the accessories of the high finely grinding machine, we should try our best to choose the accessories of the original factory, because the accessories of the original factory are relatively consistent in quality and technology, and there is no compatibility problem, so that the equipment can better adapt to the original production environment. If you can't reach the original accessories, you need to choose the accessories that match the equipment in the market, and choose after comparing three products and comprehensive comparison. Check the condition of accessories when receiving them. In case of rust, aging, deformation or improper size, contact the manufacturer in time to replace the purchased accessories.


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