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Brief Introduction Of Welding Technology For Frame Of Pew External Moving Jaw Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-11 13:09:38

The main component of jaw crusher frame is manual arc welding, and the welding rod is E5016 of low hydrogen type. Once the electrode E5016 is attacked by water, rust, oil and so on, it will have a relatively sensitive light reaction. Therefore, a series of cleaning is required on the surface of the weldment of pewa4075 jaw crusher. However, the process is not strictly carried out in actual production, which will lead to the increase of porosity and crack tendency. In view of the above situation, the following processes are generally adopted for the frame welding of PEW external moving jaw crusher:

Generally, e5017 electrode with good crack resistance is often used in production. Before the production of PEW jaw crusher, the welding rod shall be placed in a drying box of 350-400 ℃ for drying treatment. After two hours, the dried welding rod shall be taken out and then placed in the insulation cylinder for use. However, before the formal welding, the welding strip needs to be strictly cleaned, and the groove of pewa4075 jaw crusher and the oil rust and impurities within 50-100mm around it need to be completely cleaned.

When welding the frame, it must be carried out in strict accordance with the welding sequence, and the welding sequence of the weld shall be adjusted appropriately. In order to make the production capacity of the equipment stronger, it is generally allowed to change the straight through welding into symmetrical, multi-layer narrow pass welding and other processes, and adjust and control the welding sequence accordingly, so as to reduce the welding constraint force. In addition, except for the cover layer and bottom layer, the rest of the weld beads need to be hammered with air pick to remove the stress after welding. When using manual arc welding to weld the frame of pewa4075 jaw crusher, in order to prevent failure, it is necessary to select appropriate welding process and carry out corresponding preheating treatment before welding, so as to effectively prevent the generation of pores and cracks.

Pewa4075 jaw crusher frame welding is very rigorous, which will have a great impact on the normal operation of the equipment in the future. For all the construction personnel, they should pay attention to it. Besides mastering the production steps of the equipment, they should also understand the basic welding skills, so as to ensure that the welding process of the frame of PEW external moving jaw crusher is more excellent and that the equipment has fewer faults in use.


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