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Brief Introduction Of Double Cavity Rotary Roller Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-01 05:19:14

Two cylindrical rollers are the main working mechanism of the double roller crusher. During operation, the motor drives the two crushing rolls to rotate in opposite direction through the V-belt (or gear reducer) and a pair of long tooth gears. Due to the friction between the materials and the rolls, the materials fed into the top of the rolls are drawn into the crushing cavity formed by the two rolls and crushed. The broken product is discharged from the gap between the two rollers under the action of gravity.

The double chamber rotary roller crusher is a new type of roller crusher. The structure of the double chamber rotary crusher is shown in the figure. The working part of the double chamber rotary crusher is an eccentric round roller, which is composed of two crushing chambers with the ratchet concave crushing plates symmetrically arranged on both sides. The material enters into two crushing cavities at the same time from the feeding opening, and is compressed in turn by the swing motion of the eccentric rotary roller. The comprehensive function of grinding, peeling and splitting makes it broken. The crushing is carried out alternately in two crushing cavities, and the product is discharged from two discharging openings continuously. Therefore, compared with the single cavity double roller crusher, the working efficiency is improved.


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