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Box Impact Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-06 08:36:34

Generally, the environment of the ore mining site is very bad, and the dust pollution is more serious. This not only causes serious damage to the ecological environment, but also brings health hazards to the producers on site. With the growing awareness of environmental protection, relevant departments have issued a series of regulations on cleaner production, which requires the production line to meet the national environmental protection standards. In this context, the main requirements of the mining field for processing equipment are higher and higher. In addition to their high efficiency and stability, they also require green and environmental protection.

In order to meet the market demand, we designed and developed a new type of box impact crusher based on the traditional impact crusher. It adopts a totally airtight structure to reduce dust pollution, which not only provides a clean and sanitary production environment for the producers, but also ensures the health of the workers on site. At the same time, it meets the national standards and fully conforms to the relevant regulations. In addition to the advantages of environmental protection, its performance is also very prominent. It is made of high-quality wear-resistant materials in China, which reduces the wear of plate hammer and impact plate, ensures the continuity of production line and reduces production cost. The heavy-duty rotor design, coupled with strict detection means, ensures that each of our rotors has stable and excellent performance.

The speed of impact crusher shall be determined according to the actual situation. Proper increase of rotor speed can effectively increase the kinetic energy of hammerhead, thus significantly improving the crushing degree, crushing ratio and production efficiency of materials. However, it should be noted that if the rotating speed of the rotor is too high, the kinetic energy of the hammer head exceeds the energy required for material crushing, which will cause a waste of power consumption and severe wear of the hammer head and lining plate. The speed of box impact breaking is closely related to the size of crusher, product size and material properties. Preeminence shall carry out industrial test at the primary speed within the range of 20-80m / s outer edge linear speed of plate hammer, and then make appropriate adjustment according to the actual situation of materials, and finally determine the appropriate speed.


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