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Belt Type And Maintenance Skill Of Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-07 23:19:34

The crusher can be used for crushing work in all walks of life, which is better than other crushing equipment in terms of functional scope. But when the crusher breaks some soft materials, such as clothes, wood, plastic film and many electronic integrated boards, etc., because the belt model of the crusher is not selected correctly or the equipment is aging or other problems, the conveyor belt of the crusher will slip during operation, so how to deal with the problem?

When the conveyor belt of crusher slips, check whether the load of crusher belt exceeds the standard. If the load of the belt of the crusher is too large, which exceeds the compliance capacity of the motor, slip will occur. Although the slip at this time is a protective measure for the motor, it is necessary to adjust the feeding amount in time to control the conveyor belt of the crusher within a very large load to avoid the occurrence of material slip.

The belt of the crusher starts too fast, which is easy to cause slip. In view of this situation, the starting speed of the equipment can be readjusted according to different crusher belt models and the hardness of processed materials, and the fast speed can be adjusted to medium speed or slow speed, so as to effectively prevent customers from slipping. In addition, slip caused by insufficient friction between the driving drum and the conveyor belt of crusher shall be eliminated, which requires that the belt of crusher shall not be wet or anyone can use a blower to blow rosin powder on the drum.

Different crusher belt models are different in tension, so the selection of crusher belt must conform to the model selection of equipment. In addition, it is necessary to check the tension of the conveyor belt of the crusher. If the tension of the conveyor belt of the crusher leaving the drum is not enough, it is easy to slip. In response to this problem, the customer should correct the tension device on the belt of the crusher in time and increase the initial tension of the belt. If the tail roller bearing is damaged or the upper and lower idler bearings are damaged seriously, if there is no timely maintenance or replacement of the parts with inflexible rotation, belt slip will also occur.

In view of the sliding problem of material and belt conveyor, the new "herringbone" design of crusher belt can effectively increase the friction, and the sliding problem of material and belt conveyor can be perfectly solved. The engineer also optimized the conveyor structure of crusher and adopted standardized production to facilitate the operation and maintenance of customers. However, it must be remembered that the selection of belt type of crusher must be in line with the model of equipment, otherwise the belt of crusher will only age more rapidly.


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