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Beijing Jaw Crusher Has Low Noise

Last Update:2020-05-14 00:17:47

This equipment is designed and developed by a professional designer. The equipment has a symmetrical cavity. Two cavities can process raw materials at the same time. The efficiency is very high. It can produce a large amount of raw material powder in a short time. The structure of Beijing jaw crusher can be adjusted. People can adjust the structure of the equipment according to their own needs. The structure of the equipment is more reasonable and compact, which is convenient for the original For material treatment and processing, the equipment can process a large number of raw materials at one time, and process these raw materials into the powder shape required by the factory. The equipment structure is very simple, and the external equipment is made of special materials, which can ensure to bear a large amount of compliance. The equipment can process a wide range of raw materials, and can handle rock and mineral materials with high hardness.

At present, the equipment is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, cement production, building materials and other fields. Beijing jaw crusher has a good sales situation. It can be seen that consumers are very fond of this equipment. The structure of the equipment is very simple, mainly composed of the following parts: cavity guard board, movable panel, fixed panel, guard boards on both sides of the equipment, equipment support frame, equipment base, equipment The inner elbow plate, spring, elbow plate pad, special discharge mouth adjusting device, equipment central shaft, equipment bearing, equipment wheel, equipment opening system, equipment locking device and equipment lubrication device. The above are the main parts of the equipment, which are the focus of people's daily maintenance. In addition to these main parts, the equipment and other parts also need to be maintained by the operator at ordinary times 。

At present, there are many quotations for Beijing jaw crusher in the market. When the factory and enterprise purchase, they need to consider a variety of uniform speeds, and then choose a moderate price. The structure of the equipment is very solid, all of which are welded and connected by solid steel plates. The fixed panel consists of two parts, the upper and lower fixed panels and the middle fixed panels. People use bolts to fix the panel Fixed on the front of the equipment rack, and the movable panel is fixed on the front of the equipment with the iron press.


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