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Application Of Good Limestone Source In Concrete

Last Update:2020-05-12 13:01:37

With the development of economy and the expansion of construction scale, the qualified natural building materials are gradually exhausted, especially the river sand with a large amount and the commonly used mineral admixtures, such as fly ash and slag, which have increased sharply with the popularization of ready mixed concrete, while the gravel plant produces a large amount of less than 5% in the production of gravel If the NLM stone is not used effectively, it will not only waste the good source of limestone, but also occupy a large amount of arable land and affect the local ecological environment. In view of the good environment of good source, the crushing of good source limestone into crushed stone, machine-made sand and limestone powder was carried out to overcome the local construction dilemma of lack of sufficient river sand and qualified fly ash. The non pollution and large application of good source limestone in concrete was realized, which conforms to the energy saving and emission reduction policies.

The crushed stone, machine-made sand and limestone powder used in construction are prepared by crushing, sieving, washing, grinding and other processes with the good limestone source containing more than 87% CaCO as raw material. By controlling the size of the screen, the crushed stone with different particle size can be prepared; by adjusting the flow rate of the screen and water washing, the content of the stone powder can be kept at about 3%. After passing 0.315 sieve, it should not be less than 15%, accord with 2 matching area, the fineness modulus is 2.6 machine-made sand; the percentage of limestone powder with 45 Tun square sieve is 4.6%.

The quality of fly ash is not stable, sometimes it can not reach the II standard, and the price is about 128 yuan / T. If limestone powder replaces cement by 20%, it can save about 8 yuan per cubic meter of concrete; the price of machine-made sand is about 15 yuan cheaper than river sand per ton, and it can save about 12 yuan per cubic meter of concrete. It can save more than 10 million yuan of engineering cost if it is calculated by 500000 cubic meters of pumping concrete every year. In addition, it can save the transportation cost of materials from other places and reduce the repair cost of quality defects caused by material fluctuations, with significant indirect economic benefits.

In view of the construction difficulties, combined with the good natural environment, the research on the application of limestone to replace river sand and fly ash in concrete is carried out, which not only protects the ecological environment, realizes the better application of limestone in concrete, but also expands and improves the application technology level of concrete. Engineering practice shows that compared with ordinary ready mixed concrete, this kind of concrete has better quality, strong controllability, high comprehensive benefit and great development potential, which has a good inspiration and reference for the development of ready mixed concrete market.


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