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Application Of Cf Series Impact Hammer Crusher In The Field Of Ultrafine Grinding

Last Update:2020-05-11 11:09:49

There are many kinds of pulverizers, such as crusher, pulverizer, ultra-fine pulverizer, ultra-fine pulverizer and so on. These categories are subdivided into CF series, XL series and so on. CF series is divided into three categories: CF impact crusher, CF hammer crusher and CF series ultrafine crusher. Each model has its own advantages and application fields. Let's get to know one by one.

CF series impact crusher is also called CF series impact crusher. It consists of seven parts: feed, distributor, whirling crushing chamber, impeller experience, main shaft assembly, base drive device and motor. The working principle of impact crusher is actually the principle of stone driving. Let the stone collide with the stone accelerated by the impeller in the process of natural falling, so as to achieve the purpose of breaking. However, when the accelerated rocks collide with the naturally falling rocks, a vortex is formed, and the rocks are broken twice in the return process, so the wear of the reaction plate of the machine is very little in the operation process.

CF < hammer crusher is widely used in the market at present. In some designs, the hammer piece is connected with the rotor. After the metal foreign matters enter the crusher, they only break the screen piece, and no major accident will occur. During operation, the material enters the crushing chamber from the feeding mechanism, flies to the toothed plate under the impact of the high-speed rotating hammer, and is hit again by the hammer after colliding with the toothed plate and bouncing back. At the same time, between the screen and the hammer, the material is subject to strong friction. Under the repeated impact and friction, the material is gradually crushed. The pulverizer without fan is discharged through the sieve hole by the air flow in the pulverizing chamber. For the pulverizer with fan, after the pulverizer is extracted from the sieve hole, the air in the mixed air flow shall be separated from the pulverizer through the powder collection device (such as aggregate drum, dust collection bag, etc.). From the material crushing process, we can see that its structure is composed of three parts: feeding mechanism, crushing chamber (rotor, hammer, screen, tooth plate), discharge part (fan, aggregate cylinder, dust collection bag).

CF series ultra-fine pulverizer is a kind of pulverizing and processing equipment for fine powder and ultra-fine powder. This equipment is mainly suitable for non combustible and explosive non-metallic materials with medium and low hardness, humidity less than 6%, and Mohs hardness below grade 9. The machine adopts the advanced structure of similar products at home and abroad, and is updated and improved on the basis of Raymond Mill in the same industry.

The above three kinds of CF series pulverizers can be widely used in mining, construction, chemical industry, processing and manufacturing of wear-resistant materials and other industries. The impact crusher is mainly for crushing various ores with outstanding effect. Hammer crusher is mainly used in pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries, with more advantages. The ultra-fine pulverizer is more advantageous in the processing of non flammable and explosive mineral, chemical, construction and other industries with Mohs hardness no more than 6.5 and humidity less than 6%. Customers can make excellent choices according to their own needs.


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