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Analysis On The Wear Of Jaw Plate Based On The Working Principle Of Jaw Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-12 02:33:09

The jaw plate is an important vulnerable part of jaw crusher. Due to the direct contact with the material in the process of material treatment, the jaw plate is often affected by various factors such as material hardness, impact force in different directions, and then the properties change. This is determined by the working principle of jaw crusher. When the equipment is working, the motor drives the belt and pulley to swing the moving jaw up and down by relying on the eccentric shaft. When the moving jaw pushes the moving jaw plate to move to the fixed jaw plate, the material is crushed or chopped. When the moving jaw and the moving jaw plate retreat under the action of eccentric shaft and spring, the previously crushed or chopped materials are discharged from the lower discharge port of the jaw plate. The whole process simulates the chewing process of animals and breaks materials. This makes the moving and fixed jaw plates wear to different degrees.

Based on the principle of jaw crusher, we can analyze the wear of jaw plate from the aspects of material flow, material crushing and material blocking, and we can understand that the wear of moving jaw plate is caused by the extrusion of material and jaw plate, and the relative sliding of fixed jaw plate and material is also the main cause of wear. Front row, material flow. In theory, in the extrusion process of the moving jaw, it first moves up and then down in the vertical direction. When the moving jaw moves upward, the material and the fixed jaw plate slide relatively first, and the material and the moving jaw plate slide relatively easily. When the moving jaw moves downward, the material and the moving jaw plate slide relatively first, which is easier to slide than the material and the fixed jaw plate. Such repeated operation reduces the particle size of the material to the required standard and discharges it from the discharge port.

Second, the material is broken. Most of the crushing of materials in the jaw fracture is the splitting crushing caused by point contact extrusion. This kind of crushing is easy to cause the irregular shape of materials after crushing and the high powder yield. According to the use of jaw crusher, it is necessary to control the size of the feed and the size of the discharge when selecting the feed. It is important that when the upper part of the crushing chamber is broken, the moving jaw has more downward travel, while when the lower moving jaw is moving downward, the material has basically been broken. It also causes obvious relative scratches in the middle and lower part of the fixed jaw plate which is seriously worn, while the moving jaw plate has almost no scratches. Third, the material is blocked. In the case of large crushing ratio, the sliding of materials increases under the extrusion of the jaw plate, which aggravates the wear of the jaw plate. At the same time, due to the wear, the blockage is more serious, forming a vicious cycle.


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