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Analysis On The Reason Of Hammer Wear And Treatment Method Of Shanghai Advanced Large Coal Gangue Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-01 14:16:52

Modern production can not do without the help of crushing machinery. For the advanced coal gangue crusher, the hammer head of its supporting equipment plays an important role in the production process. Long-term impact will lead to different degrees of wear and tear. However, the replacement of the hammer head is not only costly, but also affects the normal production line operation. Therefore, it is very important to know the causes of hammerhead damage and find a reasonable solution in time. The price of Shanghai gangue crusher varies, so what are the causes of hammer wear and treatment methods?

The front reason of hammerhead wear is that the material hardness and toughness do not fit in place. In fact, the wear resistance of the hammer head of the large-scale gangue crusher is not only related to the hardness, but also closely related to its toughness and mutual cooperation. Through continuous practice, it has been proved that those high manganese steel hammers have enough hardening, and have higher wear resistance compared with other hammers. Therefore, for all advanced coal gangue crusher manufacturers, the ideal material is high manganese steel.

If the water toughening treatment is not reasonable, it will also lead to excessive wear of the hammer head. Therefore, in order to enhance the hardness of the high manganese steel hammer head of the large-scale gangue crusher, it is generally necessary to carry out the corresponding water toughening treatment for the hammer head. However, there are many matters to be noted in the process of treatment, once the treatment is not in place, it will lead to a significant reduction in its use performance. Therefore, for the advanced coal gangue crusher manufacturers, we need to pay attention to the control of temperature and time when processing, which can reduce the occurrence of oxidation and decarbonization in the process of processing.

In the process of production, once the broken material exceeds the specified range, the hammer head may also be worn. Therefore, for all users, before the production of advanced gangue crusher, it is necessary to check the materials to ensure that they meet the crushing requirements. At the same time, it can also increase the feed particle size of the material into the crusher. Before the material enters the crushing chamber of the large-scale gangue crusher, it can be dried to reduce the internal moisture and improve the crushing efficiency.

The price of Shanghai coal gangue crusher is different. The hammer wear of the equipment is very common in the production process. The specific wear reasons and basic treatment measures are very clear to us. It is hoped that all operators can pay attention to these basic knowledge, do a good job in the maintenance of hammerheads, and ensure the long service life of hammerheads of large-scale gangue crushers.


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