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Analysis On The Cause Of Blow Out Of The Feed Port Of Bauxite Mill

Last Update:2020-05-11 16:49:20

Bauxite mill is widely used in mining, building materials, chemical industry and other industries. In the use of the equipment, generally speaking, the feed port of bauxite mill is to absorb air inward. But if you find that the feed port is to blow air outward, it means that the equipment is faulty. Blowing air outward will easily lead to material spraying, which will affect the output and quality of the equipment. What is the cause of this phenomenon? 1. Check whether the two dampers of bauxite mill are closed. Because the equipment adopts the design of circulating air, under normal circumstances, the equipment is to extract air from the inlet and outlet. If the air door is closed, the air volume can not be recycled, thus forming the phenomenon of outward powder spraying. 2. Clean the dust bag of bauxite mill regularly. If the dust bag is blocked, the wind will not be discharged, which will affect the grinding effect of the equipment. There are also bauxite mill should be installed in a dry and ventilated place. If there are many overcast days and the air is particularly humid, the dust bag should be cleaned to ensure a good exhaust effect. 3. When the bauxite mill is engaged in the grinding production, the feeding amount of the grinding materials must be uniform, and the mill can not be blocked due to the excessive feeding. A vibrating feeder can be configured for feeding, which not only saves energy, but also reduces the phenomenon of equipment blocking. 4. Before the operation of the bauxite mill, the sealing of the equipment pipeline shall be checked, especially whether the air door on the air shell of the equipment leaks. If there is any, it shall be solved immediately to avoid affecting the grinding effect of the bauxite mill in the subsequent work.


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