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Analysis On Safety Operation Rules Of Kaolin Mill

Last Update:2020-05-07 20:43:40

Each kind of equipment has its own operation rules, of course, so does the kaolin mill. In order to enable users to better use and operate the equipment safely, the following is a small compilation to analyze the safety operation procedures of kaolin mill for you in detail, hoping to help you. 1. Before the equipment is started up, the operators shall carry out relevant training before operating the kaolin pulverizer to understand the structure and performance of the equipment. The operator shall also take safety protection equipment when the equipment is working. Before starting the kaolin grinder, the components, lubricating oil, fixed screws, etc. of the equipment shall be checked carefully. After confirming that there is no problem, the equipment can be started according to the correct starting sequence. 2. Precautions in the process of work: in the production of kaolin pulverizer, patrol inspection shall also be carried out to check the operation status of the equipment, whether there is noise and vibration in the production, whether there is any foreign matter at the outlet, whether there is blockage at the inlet, whether the feeding is even, etc. in case of any problem, stop the machine immediately for inspection. 3. The maintenance of the equipment after the completion of the work shall be carried out regularly. After the equipment is shut down, the power shall be cut off first, and then the production line shall be inspected. The main purpose is to check whether the protective cover bolts and anchor fixing bolts of the belt conveyor are loose, whether the grinding roller and other parts are worn, and whether there are cracks. If there are any, they shall be replaced in time to ensure the high temperature Ling soil mill can work normally.


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