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Analysis Of The Reasons For The Damage Of The Parts Of The Kaolin Mill

Last Update:2020-05-13 08:51:56

Kaolin grinding machine is a kind of equipment specially used for kaolin grinding, which is widely used, reliable in performance, advanced in structure, simple in operation, and widely used, and favored by the majority of users. The sales volume of kaolin mill has been rising steadily. As a mechanical equipment, after long-term use, due to wear or inadequate maintenance, it will cause damage to the parts of the pulverizer. The following is a brief analysis of the causes of damage to some parts, hoping to help users who are using the kaolin pulverizer. If there is abnormal vibration sound during the operation of kaolin mill, it is likely to be caused by the loosening of anchor bolts. If it is not tightened in time, it is likely to cause greater loss. This needs to ensure that operators can find and solve the equipment abnormalities in time during production. The oil tank of the transmission device and the analyzer is heated when the kaolin mill is working, which is generally because the viscosity of the oil is too large, resulting in the oil is too thick. This will not only affect the normal heat dissipation, but also lead to the difficulty of oil pump, resulting in the lack of oil in the bearing part. The user should check the running direction of the analyzer in time. If the direction is wrong, it is likely that the material is difficult to discharge. The bearing of the kaolin mill is damaged, which is mainly caused by the lack of maintenance and cleaning of the equipment for a long time, so that the mill can not work normally. Therefore, the effective measures to ensure the normal operation of the bearings of the kaolin mill are to clean the bearings regularly, replace the oil seals, add oil on time within the specified time, and use high-quality lubricating grease.


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